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it’s my turn to talk.

naomi's answers.

Q: Do you have any theories as to why dark vince and blood falcon are still alive?
A: we don’t kill in the light realm. at least, not yet.

Q: Is Tony in any way related to ToyConvict?
A: no, absolutely not. i know him better than that. he’s too kind.

Q: Can you tell us about your past Naomi?
A: sure! my name is naomi winters, the agent is just a fun code name i came up with. spider man gets a cool name, so why can’t i? i hear that joker isn’t even his real name too! i am 18 and watched the cpucs religiously. i always wanted to be a fighter and now i’m finally eligible so i hope i make the cut! if so, i’ll be in the first tournament returning on june 16th!! rumor has it that i’ll have to play rosalina or zelda since it’s my first… both of those sound terrifying… wish me luck! i’m sure i can do something!

Q: Who do you train with?
A: i haven’t met too many of the fighters, i’m still very shy around them. tony, peach, and joker have been very kind to me. i’m on good terms with some others, but a lot of the super stars intimidate me. it’s hard to realize that they’re human just like me! err, at least most of them are!

Q: Why does Tony wear a mask?
A: he claims to have a scar from a traumatic experience and nobody really asks him about it.

Q: Who do you find to be the "People's Champ" when watching the Light Realm minors? And have you ever seen a Marth or -̶̖͍̮͒͑-̸̧̛̜̭̬̀̏̃-̵̨̟͕͕̎̄-̵̛̜̙͕̿͘-̵̢͂̃͛̄ͅ-̴͕͗̄̇̕-̷̺̪̫͕̈́-̴͇̈́̑͑̽ by chance?
A: marth lives a very busy life! i did run into him at light starbucks the other day. he told me that he’s gonna try to make it out to the same tournament that i am!

Q: What will happen with the knowledge of someone even stronger than Dark Vince?
A: i haven’t told anyone yet… only you guys. i feel like they won’t believe me… how do i convince them that he is coming.

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