you’re done. Now sit.

it’s my turn to talk.

cpucs eligibility

people have been asking me why i’m suddenly eligible for the cpucs.

a lot of people assumed it’s because of my age, but we have kids like ness and villager walking around!!

actually, is villager a kid? he looks a bit too young for crippling debt.

the cpucs welcomes heroes of any caliber! the only question is, what is my heroic deed?

i decided to venture into the dark realm to essentially do intel on anything remaining!

i mean, how could they possibly turn me away with that!

i don’t have to tell the fighters themselves, but as long as i tell the commissioner, all should be fine!

maybe i’m jumping the gun, but i just assume that going alone is heroic enough!

it could be interpreted as incredibly reckless and phenomenally stupid, but i feel like being heroic is somewhere in the middle.

i'm Not good enough

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