you’re done. Now sit.

it’s my turn to talk.

about Naomi

Q: How did you get stuck in the Dark Realm?
A: well, i heard about the events of what happened two years ago. i grew curious. i wanted to see it for myself. i saw him. the man everyone claimed fell. dark vince isn’t dead. they noticed me, so i hid… then i learned more. dark vince isn’t where the command leads. there is someone above him.

Q: What is so important about June 16th?
A: the cpucs tournaments return on the 16th of june. how do you not know this? i’m finally going to enter.

Q: What, exactly, are you an agent of?
A: well, nothing in particular. just a code name. as far as you need to know.

Q: Whats happened since we have last seen?
A: we miss our heroes. we really do. things aren’t the same anymore. we’ve been rebuilding. we’ve had minor league tournaments, but we’re finally going to start broadcasting them again next month. the rankings have definitely shaped up. nobody has really been able to touch rosalina’s streak.

Q: Have you seen a man in a mask, with Red hair and a matching Red Gi?
A: yeah. tony?

Q: Why does the header say The Truth7?
A: there’s always more than one truth.

Q: What does "sometimes all you need is a push" mean?
A: it’s good advice for life. it gets you going. you can’t physically push yourself, so sometimes you have to rely on others. it’s how you got here, isn’t it?

Q: Do you know a Toyconvict?
A: as far as i know, he hasn’t been seen since the endgame.

Q: What was the point of all of this?
A: everyone has a different answer. mine is to survive, to inform. yours is unknown to me.

Q: Are you aware of any way we can save Dark Vince?
A: don’t trust him.

who is g?

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